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Social Security Optimization

We can help you and your spouse optimize your Social Security Benefits before you file for your benefits. You’ll receive a customized report outlining your options. You don’t want to miss out on some strategies you may not have been aware of.

Life Insurance

Today’s tax-advantaged life insurance policies can address multiple needs while eliminating stock market risk. In most cases, life insurance is paid out in the form of a death benefit that is tax-free to a beneficiary; if structured properly, this can provide a tax-free income during retirement, replace income of a loved one, and even give you options to access living benefits that can help with long-term care costs.

Long-Term Care

New long-term care options allow you coverage for LTC if you need it and optional benefits if you don’t. We can eliminate the fear of buying a “use it or lose it” plan and help you find a plan that truly works for your goals and needs.

Legacy Planning

Want to pass on your wealth to the next generation in the most efficient manner possible? We can help. We’ll walk you through the steps of creating a legacy plan that will honor the people and causes you care most about and a way to transfer your assets in a tax-efficient way.

Medicare & Prescription Drug Plans

We will help you compare your options, including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Drug Plans. We can also help you avoid mistakes such as missing enrollment periods, ignoring plan changes, receiving care outside of a plan’s network, and choosing the wrong Medicare supplement plan.

Annuities for Retirement Income

We can help you or you and your spouse find a guaranteed income stream for life using an income rider on an annuity. It gives you another guaranteed paycheck during retirement!

Fixed Index Annuities

With a fixed index annuity, you purchase a contract backed by an insurance company in which your principal is guaranteed. If contract terms are adhered to, the performance is linked to an index but unlike being directly invested in the index, it doesn’t lose money due to market declines. When the index has a growth period, the annuity is credited a portion of the interest which is added to your original principal. Your principal is allowed to grow tax deferred until withdrawal from your contract. There are options to purchase income riders and death benefit riders on these contracts. If you pass away before the annuity proceeds have been withdrawn, they can be passed to your loved ones without penalty.

IRA/401(k) Rollovers

Wondering whether you should leave your money where it is, take the money and run, transfer it into another plan, or rollover into an IRA? Whatever you choose could have implications for your retirement.

We can help plan and execute the right option for you, allowing your money to potentially grow tax-deferred while providing you with more customizable investments.

Wealth Management

Investing may seem straightforward – buy low, sell high. However, many of us struggle to adhere to this basic principle. By incorporating principles and strategies tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals, you can construct an investment portfolio that aligns with your objectives. Understanding these principles and strategies could help you avoid some of the difficulties that entrap some investors.

At Magnolia Financial Strategies, we believe a key step on the path to retirement is equipping your investments with our investment methodology known as Market Guard.

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